ROC Systems is a tobacco curing solution supplier based in Zimbabwe with a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Our philosophy has been to improve every aspect of the tobacco curing process. In our flagship product (the Ecotunnel) this is reflected by increased operational efficiency & significant cost reductions. All our tunnels are designed for a 6-day cure, with 5.5 days worth of trolleys in the tunnel, and half a day in the Sunday Bay. The spare half day in the tunnel plus 6 trolleys on the traverse allows you to spread out your colouring tobacco. The result is a quicker wilt, a quicker colour and it all helps to eliminate barn rot. All the trolleys can be pushed up, closing all gaps. This leaves an area behind the green tobacco which is used for conditioning. This normally takes 2-3 hours. Our roofs are Traffic Green which gives you 60% more solar capture, and longevity against sulphur corrosion. This all helps to greatly reduce your coal consumption, hence the name – ecotunnel!


The benefits of the ecotunnels include:


Our trolleys have wider tier spacing than the normal trolley — in line with the tobacco handbook. This allows for better trolley loading. Typically you can expect a trolley to hold 180 clips each (starting with 100 leaves on primings, down to 50 leaves on strips.)


Our tunnels incorporate a huge surface area on the heat exchanger to ensure maximum redundancy and low steel temperatures. Our H.E. unit is reversible, so when the hot-end shows signs of ageing, reversing it will extend the lifespan.


Unique to the ecotunnel, the Sunday Bay acts as extra storage if there is over- reaping. Secondly, it provides an extra day of colouring in dry seasons. Moreover, the tunnel can be fed evenly on “off” days with green tobacco, bridging the colouring gap between Saturday’s & Monday’s reaping


We supply two 6m steel decked, 2 wheel trailers with each tunnel. These trailers have a low centre of gravity and carry two trolleys at a time. The rails can easily be removed, leaving you with versatile farm trailers outside of the reaping period.

Tobacco Curing EcoTunnel

Tobacco Curing EcoTunnel

Our tobacco curing tunnels are available in 5 main sizes that can cure 20, 28, 36, 42, & 48 Ha in a single planting. This is assuming 2.5 leaves/week on a 3,500 kg crop.


Grading Sheds

Grading Sheds

ROC Systems can construct tobacco grading sheds to suit your curing system at a very competitive price point. We have also built custom sheds that include misting systems.