Trolleys & Trailers

Tobacco Trollies Roc Systems Zimbabwe

Tobacco Trolleys

Our trolleys can carry substantial leaf weights and are designed for a 6-day cure. All our trolleys are standardised to give you the Zimbabwe tobacco handbook recommendations of 80cm tier spacing and 23 cm clip spacing which when filled with 50 leaves per clip on strips will give you 200 to 225kgs per trolley depending on your leaf weight. Our tunnels are designed for up to a 6-day cure plus one day in the Sunday Holding Bay however when your colouring time comes down to 36 hours you will require 5 days in the tunnel and an average of half a day in the Sunday Holding Bay when curing strips. We start with 90 leaves a clip on primings and reduce by 5 leaves per clip, per reap, as you get higher up the plant and levelling off on 50 leaves per clip on strips. Our tunnels are supplied with enough trollies to give you 5.5 days in the tunnel, 1 day in the Sunday holding bay and 1 day in the grading shed to stick bulk on the trollies (where misting systems are used).

Tobacco Farm Trailers Roc Systems

Practical Trailers

We supply two 6m steel decked, 2 wheel trailers with each tunnel. These trailers have a low centre of gravity and carry two trolleys at a time. The rails can easily be removed, leaving you with versatile farm trailers outside of the reaping period.